Best business analytics software in 2020

What is business analytic software?

Business analytic software is a tool that most companies are using for retrieving, analyzing, and transforming data into useful business comprehension. It allows you to collect and gather, generate, compile, and track every business data on the website, as well as all the activities and events. In this case, you can improve your website for the best experience for your users and customers.

business analyics software

Google analytics

It is a web analytic service, which Google has offered, which is responsible for tracking and reporting online events such as website traffic; it is a platform, which found inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. It is a widely used web analytic service on the web in 2019. At this time, it offers a software development kit, which is responsible for collecting usage data from Android and iOS. However, Google Analytics could block by firewalls, browsers, browser extensions, and others.

How to install

The first thing to consider is the Google Analytics account. You may use your current Google account in setting up a Google Analytics account. However, you may create a new Google account.

1. Create account and sign in to your Google Analytics account
2. Set up account and properties
3. Set up reporting view in your property
4. Install your tracking code
Download the Google Analytics app

After compiling the process of installing and configuring the tracking code and account in your site, then you have to download the Analytics app from Google Play to have updates and reports of Analytics wherever you are.

Personal opinion:

Google analytics is a base for successful web analytics and developing internet venture. It can be integrated also with other different software and help You optimize webiste in a best way.


It is a social media monitoring tool, which is helpful in understanding audiences, tracking online updates, and reaching out the possible customers, as well as current customers. It provides several options and features.

Brand24 is responsible for monitoring the length and width of the internet with the keywords through sources such as websites, blogs. Review site, news sites, podcasts, social media, as well as video descriptions.

It provides an analytics tool that is useful in monitoring keyword, which is helpful in digital marketing in many ways such as Brand reputation, market research, public relations, customer insights, marketing, and influencer marketing.

How it works

Download the application
It is downloadable in iOS and android.
Create your account in the application
Create your account and sign in.
Enjoy the new features and designs
The application is as effective as it looks. The appearance matters.
Create a project for your theme to monitor
Stay in the top of any online discussions you are engaging by adding keywords and setting up the language filter.
Manage projects
Manage your project and make it to be on the top of conversations or discussions. Stay connected at all times and engage, browse, delete, and share and mentions colleague wherever you are. With this application, your convenience matters.

Set up your push notifications

Time is one of the essential factors in business. Do need to set time or much time for it. With the Brand24, you can set up push notifications for updates on the activities on social media and your business. In this case, you are notified now and then, wherever you are. is a perfect tool to monitor clients internet activity, statements, trends and what is more important to anticipate future trends in particular business branch. It is reccomended to use this tool in every statrup and content marketing agency. 10/10 for small business ventures also.

Hotjar - business review

It is an effective analytics tool, which tells the online behavior, as well as the voice of the user. It is a great experience in a business when Analysis and Feedback tolls had merged; it will reveal the greatest experience in improving the performance and user experience. It is the responsibility of Hotjar.

It is analytics that is responsible for providing feedbacks through heatmaps, surveys, and session recordings. It is working with Google Analytics, which causes awareness on the way people navigate the website, as well as understanding how to improve customer’s experience. It is one of the most used analytics tools in the industry since 2014.

It is a combination of Analysis and Feedbacks


With this analytics tool, you can understand and monitor clicks, taps, and scrolling activity on the website by users or customers online. It becomes the strong meters of visitor incentives and desire. In this case, you can monitor the activities on your website in an easy way.

Recordings or sessions and activities

This analytic tool provides a recording of sessions and activity of users and customers on the site. In this case, you can see the events on the website, such as the recording of their clicks, taps, and mouse movements.

Survey It is where you can hear the voice of users, customers and potential prospects. There are types of survey, such as: On-site survey

To improve the experience and performance of your website, you must have to consider the voice, understanding, and concerns of your users and customers in the field. You need to know their wants and things that prevent them from achieving it through several questions on your website. Costumers matter most in the business.

External link survey

You can create a responsive survey. In this case, you can gather responses in real-time from any device. After creating your responsive survey, distribute it through web links or in email. Incoming feedbacks

This analytics tool has incoming feedback features, which lets you gather immediate and direct feedback from users, customers, and potential customers for your website. In this case, you can visualize people’s love and hate, pinpoint issues and problems and find opportunities for improvements.

diib analytics software review

DIIB - powerful app to develop company traffic and visibilty.

It is a combination of website analytics, dashboard, tracker, an extensive library, and Answer Engine. It is an SEO tool that provides you with everything you need for your website and an understanding of how to manage and improve your website.


It provides several details, such as Daily Health Score, Website health, rankings, objectives, visitors’ data reports, and alerts.


It tracks your progress and improvements. In this case, you can see and understand how far you have come up with your business.

Answer Engine

It can scan your website and show you how you can improve your website. It provides you with a customized growth plan for better improvement of the website.

Extensive Library

It has user tips, tutorials, and tools for you to have a better experience. It is to make things understandable for everyone. It has a library, which provides e-books, articles, as well as videos.

Personal opinion and review

DIIB - in my opinion it's a most user-friendy and easy to use analytics tool. Allow to analyze in a effective way data from main traffic sources: Google Analytics, Google Business, Facebook. It's also useful tool in analyzing cores of every startup and mature business: visibility, website traffice, source code and SEM strategy in current business. The final information allow You to boost company website traffic and acquire new clients, what is very profitable. The interface of this app is very user friendy and all data very clear to understand. DIIB will give also tons of useful it-advices and free marketing tips (objective section). What'is more chaning services accoording to this info really works in practice.

Additionally You will recieve info about Social Media activity, backlinks, keywords and things to improve

The app allows to add several website to main dashboard so You can see data for all of them. In last 15 months using this app was really nice expierience that gave significant impact on our company development. The monthly price for this software is really fair (You can also use free version).

You can try it for free by clicking in link below:

See how it works and how You can boost Your business in easy way and enjoy using apps. Our article will be developed in time. Stay in touch with our channell with RSS feed and

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