Best aplications for business and daily use.

Below we introduce description of practical and easy to use aps that will make Your work at company smarter and effective communication with clients. Aps and programs described below allow You effective work with employees, subcontractors and clients. They are also very useful and helpful in daily work at Your business.

The list below is divided in separate categories. Some of them can be commonly known but are also describe the way of its use in practice.Not everybody like installing lots of app at one device but some of them are really usefull especially in business that requires rush and processing lots of infomration.

work organizers

Work organizers.

Evernote- very expanded online notepad. Forget about making handy notes on small shit of papers and handbooks. Very comfortable and easy to use tool allow You to make notes in private and professional life. At one place you can note links, adressess, emails and even tweets. App can be synchronise with desktop computer and Google Drive. The free of charges version is limited to 60 MB data transfer. Evernote is great to use at conferencess and places where you have to gathers lots of data at one time.

Communication and cowork.

Skype – allows to make free phone calls, exchange information, news and publishing txt files. It is also possible to make videotransmition with person from another country. App can be install on smartphone or desktop computer. The company allows also dedicated to business version of software.

Slack – app that allow to improve communication inside the company especially during large business projects. Great to use to individual and group communication. It allows to exchange files between users. Good configurated can decrease number of sent emails even by 30%. The tool is also very intuitive and comfortable to use for example with foreign clients (online consulting). Popular in desing, IT, finance and software companies.

Fuze – very easy to use App that allows to establish videoconference online from smartfona. The free version allows to make videoconference with 25 people.

Mailchimp: free software to send mailing and newsletters. Good to create and manage mailing list and regular communication with subscribers via email. The program allows to analize statistics od sent and open emails. (e.x how many mails was open by subscribers). A free version requires link in the foot of message.

E-commerce, online payment and webdesign.

Paypal – aplication to make online payment via ebsite. Thanks to PayPal You can pay for download ebook, buy online service or pay for good at online shop. Useful if You like shopping at foreign websites o You plan to recieve payment in foreign currency. Currently PayPal support across 26 currencies from 200 countries.

Social Media and company Monitoring.

Social Mention - free, expanded and very usefull tool to monitor opinions about Your company or monitor whole online discussion about particular branch of business. Very comfortabe to use program that allows You to monitor Social Media chanells and allows to save data on separate file.

Google Analytics – expanded web-analytic panel that provide actually every data connected with Your website.You just paste a GA code on the website and You can start online analytics. Great to monit company website as well as online shop. The tool has lots of implemented and "add to shape" funcions thats why provide very important data to Your company.

  • online traffic,
  • refferals (sites with link to Your page),
  • source and number about internet traffic,
  • most popular sites in service and many other,
  • locations and entry devices of the users,
  • Effective data analytics is a key factor to improving online business in time. The interface of the tool is very intuitive and easy to learn. If you didnt place that code start with this tool immidietely. Watching and analizing customer behavior on the website can boost Your business really quick.

    Social Media for business.

    LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a socal media platform.that will help You to establish and develop business network. Right now LinkedIn is the largest online business platform (across 400 milion users). LinkedIn is a great tool to exchange business contacts and share business info at dedicated closed groups. The website has very developed AI module so You receive all info according to Your branch and similar contacts.

    Service shows also connections between users and allow to set up company profile.LinkedIn is also used to find investor or valuable, trusted business specialist and long term partners. Favourite service of headhunters and young enrepreneurs.

    business software

    Instagram: aplication to share photos was best marketing hit in whole 2015. Great to publish photos of products and content to people with similar intrests. In USA for example is commonly used to published high quality photo of luxury poducts, redireciton to main company page and acquiring subscription to newsletter. More about intagram You can read in our separate article: How to use instagram for business.

    We understand that some of these websies and apps are commonly known for U thats why the article will be developed in time. Togethr with our parnters we will work on promoting useful business tools. Stay with us via social media and online newsletter.

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