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Enhance daily motivation in 7 steps! Practical and inspiring knowledge.
Things we think and do not say.

1. Forgetting the past.

Treat Your past as a valuable resources. You are not able to influence on it, but you can be focus on the presence. Today is the only time to work in business and shape the future.
“Do not count days. Make the day count!” as classic said. Serious business always requires time management and choosing solutions that will help You to save it. Act now. Thanks to the Internet You can study lot's of business knowledge and develop business skill much more easier than Your parents. Do not waste days about thinking about past. Past is dead. Only current and future achievement counts. If life kicked You in ass, stand up and kick it right back ;-)

2. Be Your best- at Your best!

Comparing to other people can make you happy or sad depending on person. It's a classic mistake of rookies in business. Instead of that focus on your inner talents and abilities. Try to answer the question: what are my best talents? and try to develop them. Your time is limited but everyone has the same quantity of that. Try to find the best guys and woman at branch of your business and learn from them. Learn but not compare. You cannot contrict your development by someone else person.

3.Fire up- productivity hacks.

At work focus on the most important things. Forget about social media, articles and online movies from friends. The sentence First things First is really smart in practice. Start to count every hour of work. In the end of the week you will see how many additional things you was able to do. Stop multitasking. Focus on most important things that will be productive in future. Turn off Social Media and incoming messages if your work requires focus ( I always check every SM services at one day time). Why it is important? Because multitasking is decreasing Your productivity.

Invest in basic online courses and install useful aps at smartphone. Today You can have whole office in your pocket. There is no reason not to use that idea at Your company! Personally I often use apps to organize my day-schedule. Thanks to that I can make free weekends. What is more - thanks to online services You can programme services to be Your personal assistant (the level of automation in Internet is really high).

4.Learn the rules!

Every business has its rules, as well as pros and cons. You have to be tough and prepare for unexpected problems or accidents at work. Remember that strong people are in business because they can successfully hand with problems not avoiding them. They know that: “every battle is won before it was fought”, so they are prepare for every day of work and developing company strategy. Success is fragile and the fact, that You are a rich person doesn't mean any lack of problems. As former USA president said: “When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity”.In business it is important to have a long term vision and smart strategy. Strategy and discipline will help You in overcoming competition and successfully build a company.

5. Play the game.

Hard work is necessary. No matter how talented You are focus - on hard work. The only place when success predict hard work is a dictionary. A rookie in business sometimes can think: I can't compete with others because I do not have talents and I am not talented. Totally wrong way! Hard work can help You to acquire new skills and overcome the competition. Work hard until Your haters became fans of Your company. It is also inevitably connected with next issue...

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6. Being persistent!

Persistence- the ability to work when everybody else thinks something is impossible and is not able to keep forward. You are a successful business person and though person. That's why You show it is difficult and it is possible. Keep in mind future goals and the future of Your company.


At the beginning of my job, I was renting a 10m2 room in old block to start my business. Now I'am writing to You from Five-Star hotel with ocean view. You may say it is luck, but believe me: its hard work and discipline, connected with innovative business strategy. The pictures attached to this article was taken by me. (by the way: I am waiting from Your dream-journey-pictures - send me some pictures on e-mail!).

Business requires smart moves that are often not popular. Lot of people will not accept You and sometimes criticize your effort but believe me: there is no better revenge on haters than success. Remember about principles of NLP: If something can be done by one person, it can be also achieved by someone else.

7. Take care about yourself.

Let's be honest. Business is like marathon, but in many cases is like sprint. Treating business like a “monster rally” is very exciting and cool, but it not a good idea in long term. Soon You will feel the efect of partying all the time and lack of sleep. A good vacation and good rest is a wonderfull investment in Your future productivity. A good rest connected with good book or business conference can give You much more that another hours at work. Here is another paradox of business: a person focused only at work will never be so successful as that focus also on private life. Think about it.

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Ps. I dedicate this article to all my friends from the times when I was a university student. I will always remember Your support, amazing foreign trips and long-night-talks about future!

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