How to promote a Facebook page in 2020 . 5 Tips. Marketing strategy.

In 2020 facebook page is very simple, easy and effective at the same time. In recent times many comapnies used facebook page to acquire fans and promote useful products or inform clients about news from company life, but onlu some of them know how to transform social media traffic into profitable leads.. Below You can find most popular ways how to promote Your fanpage. Enjoy!

facebook page marketing

Technical issue: Establish a name of Your fanpage.

Before we start to post and promote facebook page it's worth to understand and implement serveral issues. It's easy to install and will help in future effective advertisment.

Select the name of the Fanpage that will be easy to remember for the users. You can choose name of one service, nickname or company name. Place it necessarily at Your business card. Remember: some people do not use e-mail and company page but they use Facebook to maintan business contacts with clients. It's also very comfortable way of communictation for young people. Add Facebook cover photo with nice image and company data. Connect company website with Facebook using Social Media plugins and buttons. Remember to add all contact data and necessary connect Your account with Instagram. This medium will increase range of every single post and is commonly use by rich clients. More about instagram You can check at our article: Instagram for business.

If Your facebook page is connected with company website – connect it with Facebook pixel. It will allow to create effective ads in future. Plase the code in head section.

The good idea is also „Facebook Open Graph Tags”. It allows to describe the content to be better undertand and easy to find. You can also select which image from several in text wil be showed as a cover of the arcticle. All info about instalation at this link

After adding FB pixel and OG tags place the content from Your website on Facebook Wall (You can select which one will be on top, and will be clicking at the beggining). It will also positively affect on the post CTR.

Create valuable content.

Try to publish content that will be attractiv and useful for clients. Use articles, infographics, interview, movies, branch rankings. Build commitment with fans and good brand of Your company. Never publish a post that contains only text information. Add photos and video of it is possible. Good category of content are business quotes and inspiring images.

Marketing advice: some of graphic software allows to save image files as a movie file. If You place that at Your wall the range of post will be higher than normal picture.

If You have it devices and need more range try live relations and videos. The range of this is very high and it's easy to make large audience in that way.

Place also links to every single important article from company website. It will increase monthle traffic and affect on overall SEO company strategy.

Invite similar friends.

Invite friends with similar or the same interest. Do not try to advertise anything to them at the beginning. You're on Facebook to show Your business and company life – if they see Yor business as attractive- they will automaticlly follow post and place orders. Try to show comapany as a reliable and solid partner in business. If You can get refernces- place it on page and share at FB. At the beggining it's important to gather large range of post so take care about likes and shares. It will make Your facbook page more popular.s

Facebook Paid ads.

Right now Facebook offers most advanced way of advertising. You can select male, age, profession, localization and much more useful categories. Select dedicated client category and start promoting company page. It will cost at the beggining but finaly it will works. Pay attention on the overall range of potentional advertisment- it's very attractive in comparisment to market price of ads.

One of the great things in Facebook Ads is the ablilty to describe special geographic area of advertisemnt and connecting it with remarketing. Very helpful option especially when You are trying to advertise loacal business or produc.

Remember that You can advertise facebook page to firends of Your friends. At the beginning focus on the local area market.

Facebook grops and business communities.

In 2020 good marketing strategy also base on Facebook groups. You can advertise whole Facebook page, single post or just place a link to company website. It's a great source of large traffic, further shares and business networking. Facebook groups can be also source of profitable leads and place of long term investment. If Your company advertise niche product or service , very good idea is to create own business group at Facebook.

Connecting Facebook to Instagram and other Social Media.

A good idea is to add FB profile to other social media channels. You will boost the trafic of Your page and allow other people to share the content. Currently lot's of companies use Instagram to advertise products and services to Young clients.

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