How to promote a Facebook page. 5 Tips.

In recent times many comapnies used facebook page to acquire fans and promote useful products or inform clients about news from company life. Below You can find most popular ways how to promote Your fanpage. Enjoy!

Technical issue: Establish a name of Your fanpage.

Select the name of the Fanpage that will be easy to remember for the users. You can choose name of one service, nickname or company name. Place it necessarily at Your business card. Remember: some people do not use e-mail and company page but they use Facebook to maintan business contacts with clients. It's also very comfortable way of communictation for young people. Add Facebook cover photo with nice image and company data. Connect company website with Facebook using Social Media plugins and buttons.

Create valuable content.

Try to publish content that will be attractiv and useful for clients. Use articles, infographics, interview, movies, branch rankings. Build commitment with fans and good brand of Your company. Never publish a post that contains only text information. Add photos and video of it is possible. Good category of content are business quotes and inspiring images.

Invite similar friends.

Invite friends with similar or the same interest. Do not try to advertise anything to them at the beginning. You're on Facebook to show Your business and company life – if they see Yor business as attractive- they will automaticlly follow post and place orders. Try to show comapany as a reliable and solid partner in business. If You can get refernces- place it on page and share at FB.

Paid ads.

Right now Facebook offers most advanced way of advertising. You can select male, age, profession, localization and much more useful categories. Select dedicated client category and start promoting company page. It will cost at the beggining but finaly it will works. Pay attention on the overall range of potentional advertisment- it's very attractive in comparisment to market price of ads. Remember that You can advertise facebook page to firends of Your friends. At the beginning focus on the local area market.

Connecting Facebook to Instagram and other Social Media.

A good idea is to add FB profile to other social media channels. You will boost the trafic of Your page and allow other people to share the content. Currently lot's of companies use Instagram to advertise products and services to Young clients.

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