Instagram for business in 6 steps How to use it?

Instagram became more popular among international users. With the population of 200 000 milion users Instagram is a geat place where You can do marketing activity as well as promotong single products and events. As You know in 2012 Instagram was bought by Facebook. Since that moment You can freely target paid ads also on Insta. Below You can read about most useful ideas. When Facebook promote Your fanpage among friends and family Instagram is great to advertise product or service to outside people with similar interests and business.

1. Make a photo of You products.

Set up an account with company desription and at least nine good quality photos. In biography type a link to website of Your business and other Social Media channels.

If Your company is selling physical products oraz service You can use Instagram to advertise it on Internet. Many companies use Instagram to inform clients about bargains and promotions. Follow best brands on Insta to watch how to do it. They have got really original ideas connected with online advertising and building brand.

2. Hashtags

Hashtags are great to connect company photos with key words. Important: Marketing on Insta is not a popularity competition so connect Your brand with key phrases not neccessary this most popular.

Present company among people with similar insterests and activities. Beeing present at niche is much more valuable. Together with high quality photos You can deliver message to vast amount of potential clients. Today Instagram gather collection of very impressivee photos.

3. Show private life!

Do not use Your wall as a list of product. Show also Your private pictures and relations. It will build a trust to your brand and make company image wormer. You will also notice that much part of private photos is more popular than classic posts.

4. Single accounts

If Your company is selling diffrent products or base on ex. different activities divide Instagram accounts. Never use one account to sum up all company activity.

5. Be interactive (double tap!)

Respond on clients comments and messages. Being interactive give You big advantage and build positive image among future clients. In many cases You can use client comments to future upgrade of Your profile and website. Engage folllowers into Your brand.

6.Organise competition

Use Instagram to inform followers about Your company promotion and competition. Many users follow companies only to acquire info about discount and promotions. Good competition with advertise Your brand among many new potential clients. The range of that kind ad is much more higher than normal or promoted post.

As soon as You will implement all ideas the number of followers and future cliets will increase in time. Hope You will see many inspiring people and photos. Follow us on Instagram and read also related article.Watch practical maketing ideas and Tech-gadgets on our websites.

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