Instagram For Business – how to promote company?

Introduction. Why instagram is good for business?

Instagram is a social media application popular for uploading pictures. But do you know that social media can be used to grow your business? Many do not believe that you can grow your business on social media, but little did they know that social media is controlling the world including the business aspect. It is not uncommon to hear that, social media has improved communication, promoted business, the spread of information and tonnes of other benefits. Job seekers attest to the fact that it has provided them with a living. Instagram is a good pick.

In this article You will learn:
  • why instagram is so popular in USA and Europe?
  • how to promote instagram profile and business accounts?
  • how instagram algorithm works?
  • how to use : instagram photos, hashtags, DM and build marketing strategy?

  • how to promote instagram account

    Social media has the world’s attention, so you can monetize that attention. It indeed has a controlling effect on users and the world in general. Social media is built to keep you glued all day. It fosters the idea of endless posting of pictures, videos, and information. You could sit for hours, viewing updates while you forget important activities. Many parents reveal how arguments result when their wards neglect chores and stay glued to their devices. Employers in some establishment prohibit the use of smartphones during work hours. It occurred to employers that, some of their workers have either committed errors or have been less productive due to social media usage at work.

    Physical activities

    Social media controls very much our physical activities like exercise and outdoor games. It takes so much time that we hardly have time to play outdoor games or engage in exercise that will improve the quality of our lives. We just sit stuck typing, clicking and scrolling endlessly.

    Making decisions

    Beyond the cover of helping people interact, lies another intent of social media, which is an advertisement. Advertisements are just all over social media, and many feel pressured to make unplanned purchases. Social media history or footprint is away a user's interest is detected. Advertisements are then sent to users based on what they once searched, or pages they at one time viewed. This is done to arrest the interest of such ones and tempt them to make purchases.


    No one goes down a lonely alley or public square flaunting diamonds or gold. It will either be viewed as foolishness or craziness. Social media platforms are public places too, with so many people we do not know. Yet, many flaunt their assets and even certain confidential information they won't normally share with a stranger.

    You have seen how social media controls the world. What is it telling you? It is gelling you that you can divert their attention to hour business and make profit. Seeing that you can make profit with social media, how then can you promote and grow your company on Instagram, a social media application?
    Instagram is ostensibly growing up to be the most remarkable social media around. By 2019, Instagram's crowd is anticipated to make up 55.8 percent of informal community use in the United States. It has actually.

    It is particularly well known with youngsters and the desired millennial segment; Instagram is viewed as the most significant informal organization by American teenagers, and is second just to Facebook for generally utilization among Americans ages 12-24. Instagram isn't simply uncontrollably famous in the United States, in any case, as 80 percent of Instagram use occurs outside of the U.S.

    While unmistakably Instagram is a significant social media to benefit from, numerous organizations feel that, except if they have an exceptionally visual item, the image-driven nature Instagram makes it a terrible fit for their business. Be that as it may, this isn't carefully obvious—truth be told, this is perhaps the greatest misguided judgment about Instagram. You can grow your business with some simple steps which I would show you now. See below some practicat info based on most popular questions:

    instagram algorithm

    How instagram algorithm works?

    In large shortcut instagram promote content with accurate hashtags (see below), that have large amount of likes and that is comment a lot (engagement rule). Instagram algorith studie the quality of the photo and other factors and then promotoe content. That's why it is important to acquire mouch amount of likes and comments at the beginning.

    The other factors that are important for instagram algorith is amount of followers (people that follow Your accunt) and post frequency (how often do you post in a week). In that case it is important to establish company frequency in posting and mantaint the frequency in time. The rule quality not quantity works also in that case ;-).

    Instagram use also “post behaviour analytics” which means that in showing content relies on Your past interactions, likes and searching history. Except this the algorith counts how accurate and well designed Your post is.
    When to post in instagram (best time)? Best time to post is between 9am-11am EST . In Europe good time is 13-15 and 20:00 CET time.
    instagram marketing

    How to promote instagram account in 6 steps?

    1 Create a business account. On the bio of this account, have a short and straight to the point information about your business. What am I saying here? I am saying that you should have a catchy and brief call to action on your bio about what your business is exactly about. Look for the best phrase that summarizes your business. Note – the name of profile (also name and surname) is a very important SEO factor in this media. Select in name words connected with Your branch. If You decided to advertise some niche product and service – set up another account for it.

    2 Include a link back to your website in your Bio. In the biography of your Instagram business account make sure to place a link to your business website. This is very helpful because apart from the pictures of your business, they get to read in-depth information about your brand on hour website. Make sure this link is usually to you latest business information. Maybe latest product, latest newsletter or update. This instils in viewers a feeling that you are working.

    3. A Username and picture that correctly depicts your business image. It is important to choose a name that suits your brand perfectly, most preferably, your brand name. Then also, your profile picture must correspond. You cannot be into furniture and have a profile image of buildings. Though related, they do not correspond. Corresponding profile features bring productivity.

    4 Use hashtags a lot. You have to make use of your brand related hashtags when posting your pictures. They increase engagement from your viewers. Do not feel that they would be annoying, they actually build trust in viewers when you use quality and trusted hashtags.

    At the beginning try to use hashtags below 10 000 post – or even 5000 – the probability that soeone will see You content will be higher. You can use maximum number of 30 hashtags in every post (hashtag can be selected manually or with automaticly by special software).

    When You place a photo – correct it before posting in some photo editor (like photoshop). The good idea is also using instagram filters (popular filters: X-Pro, Clarendon, Gingham and Juno).

    5. Use Promotions, discounts and giveaways. When you discount your products, you attract customers. Promotions like reports also help your brand to grow. Do giveaways, customers tend to be loyal to you when you do free gifts, they are later your regular customers.

    If you follow these tips, you are sure of heading for success in promoting your brand on Instagram. You can post pictures by simply clicking on the “+” sign in the Instagram app. You can also add stories of your product review, new products and new products to your Instagram story. This increased engagement. The process of giveaways and promotions help in building your followers; leads to eventually increased sales too.

    6. Instagram DM and business alliance.

    Remember that advertising profile or company is not about popularity contest. Your aim is to start build company brand, acquire new business partners and clients. Good idea is to select accounts and profiles similar to Your business niche and ask them for advertisment (free or paid) or exchange services between companies. You will safe lots of time and effort that is needed to build lagre audience.


    Every major process you need to know about monetizing your company or brand has been exposed to you in this article. Watching instagram profiles is a great joy and knowledge at the same tim how fun and practical marketing can be. You can see how large companies and market leadres build marketing strategies. As always use analytics panel to observe and analyze best time to post and most popular post. More guides and tutorials on our blog soon. Stay tuned!