How to promote online shop and e-business?

So You have lunched Your first online business... Now it's time to promote it.
In every promotion and marketing activity we start to describe our dedicated clients.

Let's begin with basic activity that allow us to acquire clients. Thing described in that article You can use also in local company website promotion. Below we described marketing activity that do not need much of money and programs that are helpful in making business online. Before we start remember basic principles: marketing is not popularity contest it is about to promote content to right people.

8 strategies that will boost Your online shop and business.

1. Setup an e-mail list.

Thanks to e-mail list You can regularly contact with Your clients and inform them about new products and services and build the relationship. You can also use email list to give valuable information to clients or construct newsletter that will sell company products in promotion.

It's a very old but still effective way of marketing. Thanks to special software You can analyze how many clients opened the message, which time is perfect to send message and what is the accurate value of bounce rate.

Dedicated software: MailChimp

2. Start with social media.

The main advantage of Social Media is a large range of information and possibility of advertising company towards Your friends, family and local community. Thanks to Social Media You can create Your own marketing channels and prepare advertisment that is very effective and adjust to publicity. Remember that we use Social Media to public news at least few times per week so You should described communication strategy from beginning. One more thing:

Build Your own promo-team!

Ask friends, family and business partners to share Your post and company advertisement on their website. You can also propose banner exchange which is also very affordable for Your online business. In that strategy it is possible to view the post to thousand of people even during 24h!

Be present at:

Instagram - best marketing channel in 2015. Instagram is great to promote visual products and gathering people across Your brand. Thanks to regularly published photos You can acquire nice audience and enhance clients to visit company website. You can also enhance followers of business competition to follow Your profile. If Your online business is divided in fox example 3 parts – set up a different account for them.

Twitter - great tool to effective communication with company clients. Thanks to Twitter You can solve client's problems and answer questions connected with Your brand.

Facebook - as it was mentioned before right now is best and very advanced marketing tool. Use Facebook to inform clients about company activity, new events and articles that are helpful. Use proportion 80% company posts, 20% selling post. Do not advertise products only - otherwise Your fans will find some more interesting Fanpage to follow.

3. Connect Your website with searchers, catalog and business directories.

Add Your online shop to dedicated: directories, business catalogs, business 2 business services, and price comparing sites. To some clients price is still number one factor in purchasing decision. But remember do not business on being the cheapest one. You will attract very disloyal and pretentiuos clients. Company presence at business directories is important in long-term marketing strategy and SEO tactics.

4. Investing in SEO and company website .

SEO (Search engine opitmalization) is not very difficult but requires specific knowledge and time. Together with Content Marketing is very effective and worth to use marketing technique. IF You do not have time to follow this knowledge hire outsource specialist.

By the way: Forget online offers: " I will make You SEO fo 19$ per year. Bad SEO will hurt Your business and decrease website visibility. Choose experienced and reliable business partner in that field.

5. Customer service software.

Pay attention on company client service. Personal attention, passion and engagement is stiil number one factor in business. People preciate personal attention and the company ability to react in fast time. There is no sense to launch another company advertising comapaign when You have problems with clients and cannot work with them effectivly. Use simple CRM programs to be in touch with Your best clients. Every good company developed communication strategy with client and treat it as a long term aim.

Dedicated software: Marketing Automation and Social Mention.

6. Use references.

Got references? Great! Publish it on shop or business website. Show the world how great Your service is. Even in nowdays times people like to know that they are making business with trusted and reliable partner that is worth to refer.

7. Connect Your business with PR agency.

It's simple. 10 dg of PR is much more better than 1 kg of paid advertisement.

When You will developed online business focus on work with good PR agency. Thanks to vast contacts with press and other branch services they will promote Your business and build the brand towards future clients. In recent times paper advertisement and press releases are still considered as a trustworthy (especially toward older clients).

8. Use marketing automation and data analytics in online shop.

Nobody like statistics ;-) but in business it's a very important issue. Nowdays programs and plugins show Your business from other side and give You very useful info which can be used in future business activity. Thanks to Google Analytics You can acquire crucial info about shop clients lik: most popular sites, referrals, time spent on website and bounce rate.

Thanks to Marketing Automation You can personalize advertisement and gather all strategies described above at one place. Every MA service is a connection of
  • -CRM,
  • -email marketing service,
  • -Analytic Panels,
  • - Tacking Code,
  • - A/B Test's
  • - lead pages,
  • - online creators,
  • If You seriously treat Your online shop - You should really focus on MA. It allows You to control your online business from one place, effectively promote website and spent future money only on profitable channels. It's a technology used in every large global company but right now it can be implemented to Your mobile shop.

    Dedicated program: Marketing Automation.

    Whats Your best marketing tactics and strategies? Come and comment on our Facebook Profile Our articles are developed in time. Follow us on Social Media to acquire new practical knowledge.

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