Philips Hue Lights and Bridge – online review.

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Every home needs something special, and when it comes to illumination, technology now presents the game-changer- smart lights. But it is nearly impossible to talk about new classical lighting without mentioning Philips Hue. It ranks top of the list owing to its diverse connectivity, establishment, and development. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Logitech Harmony, just to mention a few. Whether you just heard of smart lights and want to install them in your apartment or have a 10-year experience with them, Philips Hue will suit your needs.

You can go the Phillips Hue traditional way of using a Bridge or choose the newer connection via Bluetooth. Interestingly, even if you start with Bluetooth type, you can add a Bridge, later on, to ensure you don't miss out on the Hue's advanced features and other integrations. With as low as $70, you can purchase a starter kit and give your home a new elegant look.

Are you hearing of Philips Hue and wondering what exactly it is? It simply refers to a series of LED light bulbs and fixtures. For these bulbs to work, they need a connection that is done wirelessly using a Hue Bridge. A bridge is a small rectangular object that you plug in the home router and allows you to operate the lights via different methods. With a voice command, phone click, or automation, you have the full control of when and how your lights go on and off.

Now that you have an idea of what Philips Hue is, let’s look at how it works and all other fundamental things you need to know;

philips hue review

How does it work?

The functioning of Philips Hue begins and ends with Zigbee. This is another form of wireless connection that works like Wi-Fi, but it is designed specifically for smart lights and other home devices. Each bulb plus the Bridge has an in-built Zigbee radio. When you want to turn the lights on, irrespective of the method, the command is picked up by the Bridge and translated into Zigbee signal. The signal is then transmitted to the individual bulbs, and within milliseconds, your room is lit. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can control your lights despite your location. But remember, the Hue Bridge must always remain plugged in the router for the system to operate.

When setting up the Philips Hue, you only need to connect the Bridge to the internet with an Ethernet cable, put the bulb(s) in place and use the Hue app to pair the two. No extra work is needed unless including more devices in the network. The Hue Bridge’s method of connection ensures maximum protection for your Wi-Fi details and grants you exclusive control. For example, when pairing third-party items, you must tap the button on the Bridge for the process to be complete, and this reduces the chances of interference from an intruder.

philisp lights kit

How can I install Philips Hue in my apartment?

As already alluded, the setup procedure is quite brief and straightforward. First, connect the powered Hue Bridge to your home internet using an Ethernet cable (plug the cable into the router). Secondly, fix the Hue light bulbs in the place of your choice within the apartment. Next, depending on your smartphone model, go to the Android play store or Apple store and download the Philips Hue App. Launch the app, and it will give you stepwise directions on completing the setup.

The process ends with the pairing of the lights and the Bridge. For easy control, use the app to assign each bulb a different name. You can use location in labeling them; for instance, the one on the desk can be designated 'desk lamp.' Whether you are using the app or third-party voice controls like Siri, you can operate all the lights simultaneously or individual bulbs with a single command.

Noteworthy, the app has both basic and advanced preset scenes that have different impacts on the lights when applied. The basic ones, which are single color, include normal, daylight-toned white light and soft white while the multicolor ones include Spring Blossom and Northern Lights. Besides the random shades these themed scenes offer, the Hue app allows you to create and save your own with a simple command.

Why are Philips Hue attractive to modern Interiors?

The Philips Hue timeless design suits any modern interior. Its brilliant colors plus the brightness are entirely adjustable, allowing you to select the best match for your room ambiance. For instance, the LED ceiling lamp can be dimmed using its switched or the app depending on the occasion. Again, with automation, you can make your home more appealing by turning the lights on and off at particular moments, hence creating exciting memories within your four walls. With a motion sensor connection, your house can assume a unique lighting matching your interior whenever someone steps in.

How can I connect Philips Hue to Philips TV Set?

Philips Hue lights and Bridge can be connected to a myriad of devices, but for now, let's focus on the smart Philips TV. Before you begin, ensure the TV and the Hue are connected to the same network, and the former's software is updated to the latest version. To connect the two;

Use the remote control and navigate the TV settings. Select Ambilight>Ambilight + Hue > Configure. Click ‘Start Now’ in the window that appears on the TV screen. Now select 'Hue Bridge.' The TV will scan the network and display the name and IP address of your Hue Bridge. (Without a proper connection or software update, the TV can’t discover the Bridge.) Once the TV finds and shows the Hue, select ‘Select’ on the screen and press the Hue Bridge’s button located at the center. When a message like’ TV linked Bridge’ pops on the screen, the connection successful. Finally, select the lights that you want to synchronize with the TV and click Finish. The connection gives you a fantastic watching experience with appropriate color coordination!

My personal opinon after 12 month of using.

philips hue enlightment

philips hue enlightment

The solutions is great in living room and garden. The final effect looks really great and no movie will show this. The ability of turning on defined scenes is very fine as well as possibiity of connecting it with TV. The final video effect looks very well and You can create cinema in Your house. You can also connect game console (X-box or Sony playstation) and enjoy dynamic scenes with high quality light effects.

The owners of houses will love Philips leed stripes that can enlight property gardens and create really nice environment. Leed enlightment controlled by smartphone is a great add on to luxury mansion with large pool or sample balcony in residential building.All Philips Hue realisations and placements will be soon available on our service. Stay tuned!

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