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In daily realtors job it's always good to use real estate software. It allow to save time and beeing well ogranized. In this article You will get info about:

  • why it's worth to use international real estate platform
  • how to use real estate software (World-Listings.com)
  • realestate marketing ideas
  • how to use World-Listings.com to gain new clients?

  • International real estate platform

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    Every property-listing website needs to list properties in an attractive, detailed and hierarchical way. If the website is not good in the user interface, price, listing and providing information then it becomes difficult to get more views. It is important to provide information to the user. The world-listing website does this job in a perfect way. The other important criteria of a good listing website are, cover all the areas and list them in an efficient way. It should also allow the user to list his or her properties easily without any issues.

    Overall, we need a commercial website with the E-commerce features in it. The world-listings.com website has this option too. In this article, we will look at how this website helps you to find the different properties through the portal. We also look at its features and the way it allows the users and the sellers to communicate with each other. This is a website for international brokers as it lists all the properties from different parts of the world.

    How does this service work?

    Registration process

    The website allows the user to buy and sellers to list the property for rent, sell and lease. However, the process involved in it is important. If the process is too tough and needs many documents to list the property then it is not a professional way. However, this website is not like those websites of pain. It allows the seller to list his property for selling, renting and leasing.

    For that, you need to register yourself. The registration process includes different roles; you need to select a role that suits your need. If you are a buyer, select a buyer. If you are a seller then select as sellers. If You need additional real estate advertisment You can contact with service management and set up individual makreting plan. As all international real estate platform World-Litings.com offers flexible marketing plan for Your property listings.

    Selling, buying and marketing listing process

    After the registration the seller and agent will log in to his account and lists all the properties, he wants to sell on the website with details about the properties. The seller needs to include the photos of the property, dimension of the property and the pricing of the place. You can even add them to particular category and place. There is also ability to create dedicated company and listing page that will include all property marketing techniques.

    In buying or renting process, you need to select the area, price range, dimensions and other details from the bedroom to the furniture settings. With the help of different option, you can select the perfect match for your idea. Then the contact between the buyer and seller takes. They form the agreement after finalizing the cost of buying or selling. You can even check the reviews of the property to select the right property for yourself.

    Features of the world-listing

    As this is an international listing portal then the site needs to have all the details with the international E-commerce facilities and the features.


    Possibilities of advertising new properties

    Every real estate website needs to have advanced features and the mechanism to update all the new listings from different parts of the world. As this is an international website and allows to sellers and agents around the world to list their properties, the possibility of advertising the new listings and classifieds. Because of interconnection of different agents and buyers from the website, it allows the buyer to find the property he or she needs in their life. They will even have more options while buying and renting different properties. Therefore, it is clear that there is no shortage of the listings of properties on the website.

    Luxury real estate listing marketing plan.

    World-listings.com is also adjusted to advertise luxury real estate for sale. We have created additional options of advertising that kind of property. Every listing is described in a very accurat way, contains photos and possibility of placing video promotional movies. Every listings contains dircet link to You company website that why it's also promoting Your company and redirect internet traffic.

    Additionaly we promote every listings in our social media channels. Watch sample movie with our best international real estate listings:

    Access to the branch articles for free

    If you look at the website, there are many articles, tips, real estate strategies, internal architecture designs and many more articles. Because of this, both of the seller and the buyer will have enough information to update themselves on daily basis-free. Even this website or world-listing site provides free EBooks for the users. Even it allows the user to get access to all the news from different listings.

    Quick search option

    This website allows both the sellers and buyers to quick search for property related to his interest. As this real estate web portal allows fine tune with the filters, you will get the property relevant to you without any other non-interested listings. Therefore, it is a big feature.

    Latest property listings

    If you are interested in property buying or renting but you have already searched everything on the site and failed to find the right property. Then you will get the automatic update on the new listings. Because of this, you will be able to search and select your property only from new real estate listings.

    Free Membership option

    The world-listing site provides free membership option for 60 days. You can list your two properties for selling on the site. If you want to update then you can pay for membership and find the right services for you. There are four more membership options apart from the free membership option.

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    Real estate conferences

    Every year there are many international real estate conferences. The conferences help the people to update many things depending on the new technology, products, and many more things. Some of the top 2018 conferences are as follows.

  • Inman Connect conference New York
  • LeadingRE real estate Conference Week
  • Sell-a-vibration
  • Keller Williams Reunion
  • RE/MAX and R4 Convention
  • REALTOR Summit
  • T3 Summit
  • NAHREP conference
  • NAGLREP 2018
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