Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

Technical review

Samsung Galaxy S8 has been on for almost two years now, but it remains to be the best choice for design, display, battery life, and camera. It is one device with excellent value thanks to its reliable performance and captivating display. For less than $500 but has an excellent performance for its price. Also, this price makes it more affordable than its competitors and, always in high demand. Let's look at the Samsung galaxy s8 review and opinion- after two years.

samsung galaxy s8 review

Sleek Design - The flagship-level sleek design of Samsung galaxy s8 is what you do not want to miss.

OLED display - Galaxy s8 boasts an average infinity display of 5.8 inches. This size goes from one edge to another edge and improves user performance. If your hands are small, you may need to reposition the handset in your hand to touch some buttons, especially the home button. Generally, this home button provides prompt feedback.

Battery Life - When excellent battery life is added to all the other qualities, Galaxy s8 is what you do not want to miss.

Sharp Selfie Cam - It has a better-quality rear camera and a sharp selfie camera. The improvements on the camera make it the winning handset.

What is new in comparison to the previous edition?

Galaxy S8 was launched in April 2017, and since then, it has remained to be above competition. When compared to S7 and many other previous versions, S8 boasts in featuring better qualities. It has a higher storage capacity of 64 GB. With all its excellent conditions, it still comes at an affordable cost of less than $500 and will thus suit the needs of your pockets.

We prefer the larger screen of S8 and not the smaller screen of the previous edition. Since this screen is large enough, you will need to reposition the handset in your hand to touch some buttons, especially the home button. Unlike the home button in the previous Samsung, this one is a virtual rather than physical. This button gives quicker feedback than that of the last edition.

S8 demonstrates a bezel-free handset that has been perfectly worked on. Samsung never took away the bezels from this model. Instead, it designed a space-age art with a new display that goes from one edge to another edge. Therefore, Galaxy has a bigger screen ratio and looks sleeker thanks to its large glass curves at the sides. The previous version, on the other hand, has a flat slabs. Another comparison is that S8 is thinner and narrower than the older variants.

The most remarkable feature in S8 that was not in the older versions is the lightweight design. S8 has a compact design that makes it lighter than S7. S8's inch size is 5.8 and has an average weight of 5.5 ounces. Also, the phone has a broader chassis of 2.7 inches as compared to the 5.1 inch S7, which weighs 5.4 ounces and has a width of 2.7 inches. Samsung Galaxy S8 is also taller than S7 and, therefore, easier to use.

This new version is heftier than the S7 and other previous versions. The new look in S8 makes it to have a positive bloated appearance. Unlike the latest releases and other latest iPhones, S8 prides in featuring headphone jacks. Be sure that you will love every bit of this handset.

The previous versions did not have dual cameras, but S8 features the dual cameras that allow optimal zoom. S8 also has a better-quality rear camera and a sharp selfie camera. The improvements on the camera make it the winning handset. Unlike the older versions, S8 is amazingly close to excellence, and in summary, we can say that all its specs have been improved. The improvement has, in turn, led to fantastic performance, display, interface, and eye-catching design. If you are looking for a combination of all these qualities, S8 has got you covered.

Why this smartphone was great in Moment of Premier?

The Galaxy S8 is a superb smartphone that has a very unusual build-up. Every piece has been laid perfectly to ensure that the user gets the best experience out of it. The perfect built encompasses a top-notch quality, robust cameras, fantastic screen, and a long-lasting battery life. The Bixby voice assistant of the phone is overwhelming. You can choose to use either this Bixby voice assistant, the Google Assistant, or both. It had gotten much better, and it is because if this that the smartphone was great in the moment of premier.

Why this smartphone is an excellent Option for Travel

Travelers are fond of using this phone during their travels because the built-in features of the handset are suitable for both long and short trips. Since this phone has a long-lasting battery, it is best for travels: charge it fully before you begin your journey and be sure that it will take you through.

Samsung Galaxy S8 - best photos in practice!

Warsaw by night

Moszna castle in Poland

Como Lake in summer - Italy

Tech - Sculpture

Sunrise in Poland

Bagna lusso - Luxury bathroom

Luxury apartment - studio

Historic classic hotel - Poland

Below YOu can watch also sampe movie made in high resolutions (much bettet to see it on smartphone)

Samsung Galaxy S8 - sample movie

With this Samsung galaxy s8 review and opinion- after two years, you now know the right device to purchase. This device is the best option if you want a compact handset that has combined quality and good performance. As You can see the quality of pictures is really high, the color saturation, constrast and sharpnest is really great.

I really like and ofen use the screen mirroring. Thanks to that ability You can present photos and movies right on the TV. Tha samsung screen mirroring app is really easy to use and configure. In business - perfect way to show presentations, high quality 3D models and corporate movies. All content made in high quality resolutions looks very attractive and professional. Embedd in armor case looks very fine and representative. The current price of Samsung Galaxy S8 is really ok if You are looking good quality smartphone with universal destination.

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