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How to promote small business. Free comprehensive handbook.

Business promotion doesn't mean that You have to spent lot of money with expensive interactive agencies or need elite IT knowledge. Here are some steps and advices that will help You to boost Your business.
We know this from our own experience. The thechniqes described below will help you to acquire new clients and feel happy as a business person. What is more – it works in practice ! We understand that implementing that knowledge in practice can be scary for begginers but believe us- it's like riding the bicycle – difficult only at first time ;-) Here we go!

Design modern website.

Pay attention on RWD design (RWD- responsive web design) templates and dedidacted websites). As it was mentioned at previous article RWD templates can show the content right to Your device and modify the way of showing info without scrolling. The most important thing is to design template, layout and most important information.
Thanks to RWD template you will achieve higher position at web engine searchers. It is also very important to optimize source code of the website according to current web-searchers standards.

Why? Because placing even modern website on internet, is only start of marketing. You have to optimize the content to be visible to website users.

Use GooglePlaces to mark the company on the map (wonderful with local service business and shop!) You can also install GoogleAnalytics code that will give you lots of valuable information about traffic connected with company website. Remember: traffic is the blood of every internet business. You have to take care about traffic on every stage of Your internet business.

Ideal customer.

Select ideal customer and the place to advertise Your company. Start from local and international internet catalogs. Every record at good catalog is a chance to acquire clients and build the rank of Your business. Select only trustworthy places to install company profile. Good idea is also record at local and large national listing services.
You can place a listing or company profile on a sample internet business catalog. If Your clients are very young select social media channels that are very effective and low-cost for local business. If Your business is connected with some niche – logon in special internet forum or branch services.

Social media marketing.

Today very comfortable and cost effective way of promoting local business. Your company is advertise to your friends that see every new post and business activity. You can publish pictures, profiles, video or even information about company events for friends and clients for free. Social Media services are viewed by millions users every day. There is no reason not to show there Your company profile.
If Your business is connected with other companies set up an account at LinkedIn. Pay attention on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Instagram is great to promote visual products and services. Installation of account on social media services is so easy as creating mailbox.

Great designed profile is Your own advertising agency that build the brand of local business. It is almost cost free if You compare the cost of advertisment maintance (as Social Media) to the traditional form of advertising. And Yes it can be only one chanell of marketing for Your business. All social media allows You to get subsribers that will watch every single new activity connected with company that You own.

Local community and business club.

Classic offline way of marketing. Great way of acquiring references and developing personal brand toward local clients and other business people. Thanks to local communities and business chambers You can meet similiar business people, gain useful expierience and use it in practice. What is more you can confront business ideas with another members, ask them about basic business principles: finance, investing, marketing and tips. It is much better than education from Your own mistakes.

Design Your own email list.

Building the base of client is a great way of acquiring new loyal clients and managing relation with them. Today there is a lot computer software dedicated to e-mail marketing and whole advertising compaigns (you can also synchronise it with marketing automation software). At one time you can also get access to large databases of e-mails and inform clients about business.

RSS Feed and YouTube.

RSS (Real Syndication) inform Your clients about every new event or product at company offer. It's a old fashion but still practical way of promotion business. By special reader users are inform about news at your company websites.

YouTube is actually second largest browser after google for internet users. Many companies use You Tube to show clients how to use their product or even how to build a house (!). YouTube is pushing out traditional TV and movie ads and force companies to fight for clients on internet. Thanks to YouTube you can:
  • make a promotional movie about Your company,
  • inform clients how to use company products,
  • place a relation from business conference or company event,

  • Last but not least- Trust - customer relations and patiance.

    There is no better school of marketing that great customer service. Recommendation and referencess give You trust in business and allow to win big contracts and swim with big fishes ;-) There is no reason to invest in marketing if You do not care about clients and their needs (!). Build loyalty program at Your company and enjoy building your business.

    As You can see there's a lot of ways to promote local business without spending a huge money on ads. Hope our handbook was usefull and inspired You to improve company activity on internet.

    Lets sum up!

    1.Connect Your business with website and social media.

    2.Take care about clients and personal brand.

    3.Work hard.

    4.And remember. No excuses.Only measurable achievements.

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