Technology in real estate business 2020.

Technology in real estate helps to develop real estate agency and generate profits. It's a great help in agent daily job and make communication with clients much more easier. In 2020 most useful are:

1. BIG Data
2. Augmented Reality
3. Drone Panoramic Movies
4. Movies and Geotargeting Advertisement
5.Remote Presentations
6.Real-estate CRM Software
7. Mobile Apps

technology in realestate

Technology plays the most important role in each and every business activity irrespective of the nature of business. Innovation and technology are very closely connected which develop the potential to solve complex issues in business. Technological advancement has shaped the real estate industry in such a way that the process of buying selling has become more effective.

The agents of the real estate industry are able to make deals regarding property through an online platform. The professionals of real estate mainly rely upon sophisticated data in order to drive important decisions. Through these advancements, the professionals are able to find prospective buyers and assess the value of properties very easily.

Except past and future martket data it's also important to analyze website traffic (see also: best business analytics software) . Thanks to modern software You can track main traffic sources, most popular pages and most interesting content to Your clients. BIG Data is also usefull in every large marketing and SEO strategy. It's a very powerful technology for dynamic companies.

The technology has turned out to be very much convenient. The professionals of real estate are also gaining competitive advantages through acquiring the latest information and new trends. The article has focused on the latest advancement in this particular industry. The article mainly discuss the various tools and platform which have evolved the industry to a new level.

BIG Data in real estate

Big data enhances the quality of analysis and predictions in the real estate business. It enables the professionals of real estate to determine trends and also to anticipate when the trend will reappear again. Through this way, it has been less complex for the professionals to predict the impact of trends that let them be well prepared when they reemerge.

Big data allows the professionals to analyses the market situation as well as the mortgage business. For example, during the period of 1980, the median family income can merely afford to pay three-quarters of the total median cost of the house.

On the other hand, during the period 2016, the household income of the families had roused to an extent that they are able to afford a house which is 1.5 times more than the median price of the home. Thus, it could be said that big data is very effective for the industry to predict and analyze better (Kovacevic, 2019).

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality mainly uses real-time information in such a way that is easier to interpret like through audio, text, graphic and pictures. The particular platform blurs the line which is present between technology and reality. In that way augmented reality forms a unified experience for their audience. It helps in portraying a complete tour of the property merely on the smartphone of the prospective buyers. Therefore, there is no need for a physical presence of the buyer to view the property. This is considered as one of the most convenient ways to deal with properties.

Drone Panoramic Movies

The professionals of real estate usually get their airborne videos and pictures through helicopters and aeroplanes. Through this way, the business has to undergo a significant level of expenditure. In contrast, Drones reduces the cost significantly. Due to drastic competition, the real estate business needs to showcase their properties in order to gain the attention of the buyer.

This would help the professionals of real estate to adopt digital marketing approach in an enhanced way. It would offer a competitive advantage to the business. The movies which are made with a drone are high-definition, compact and durable.

Movies and Geotargeting Advertisement

In such a competitive market it is important for a company to attract its clients through more advanced technology. The video advertisement holds a grip in the minds of the customers and effectively helps the real estate agents of certain companies to sell their products. In scrutiny, it has shown that about 403% more inquiries are being received by that real estate who use video or movie advertisements than who are not using (Whitney, 2020).

Movies (especially recorded in high resolution ) are the best way to show property interior in accurate way with all details. Currently it is very popular way or presentind realestate (usually for foreign clients but not always). Movies in real estate can be also used to show best company offer and products to dedicated audience.

Along with this, the geotargeting is also important as this helps the company to target a particular market that can result in a good customer base with a better return on investments. For the geotargeting advertisements, one has to target the right area, at the right time with appropriate content. You do not have to spent marketing budget on wide advertisement but You are focusing only on described localization. It's a great way to show listings and business proposals only to clients in selected localization. Right now it very easy to start that advertisment usually with Google and Facebook Ads. In realestate business this technology is very useful because clients searching properties many times in their neighbourhood or reffer offers to friends.

Remote Presentations

The COVID-19 has created a very bad impact on the whole world that has made the companies go virtual through remote presentation aspect by dedicated software. In real estate, the remote presentation is being done by real estate touch screen software. Here the Real Estate agent reach out to the client virtually and build a certain trust and confidence through their presentation to buy or sell a property if they cannot meet physically (Embrace Home Loans, 2020). Real Estate Touch Screen Software used in sales centers and model homes, for remote online meeting presentation and for kiosk marketing in target cut off locations. The dedicated applications and software give the real estate industry good opportunities to adjust to the existing processes and systems but in an advanced manner (BrightDoor, 2020).

Real-estate CRM Softwarec

In the Real Estate business, everyone needs to speed up sales and perk up pilot conversion. So, to make this work in a better manner ITAAKASH Strategic ERP has come up with brand new CRM software which is ‘Real Estate CRM V.19.2’. The objective of the software is to accomplish better lead conversion and deliver swift and advanced ROI to Real Estate SME’s.Good CRM software will not only speed up all communication but will also help in building long term relationships with clients (it's a classic core of property business).

This is mainly for the Real Estate SME's to do exactly what is being talked above. It is a web and mobile-based end-to-end CRM solution that is being designed exclusively to meet up the needs of Real Estate Agencies and Developers. It automates daily sales tasks and facilitates improved customer service. Along with this, it enhances communication for Real Estate Industry SME's (Strategicerp, 2020).

Mobile Apps

The use of mobile phones all over the world has increased in the due course of time as people prefer more ease and real-time access to various attributes. Downloading an App and using it wherever they need reduces a lot of headaches for a person. For this reason, various industries are using mobile applications for their business in recent times.

A year ago, when people use to think of selling and buying a property, they prefer to go to a real estate agent or search for houses in the newspaper. But with the discovery of the internet and smartphones, people can easily search through it for buying or selling or renting properties. They can select from several options as there are many websites of different Real Estate companies.

Currently mobile apps became the hub between normal communication and dedicated websites.Apps not only show dedicated offer but also communictate clients with the property owners or solve particular task. Such apps like Instagram and What's Up made a signifficant impact on communiaction and the way of presenting offers in the internet.

This helps the agents to connect the customer around the world making the aspects global and local too. The mobile applications are location-centric and if one has already logged in any website then that customer will get instant notification when any update about their need is there (technostacks, 2020).


In recent time the world is under technological control. Without technology, nothing can be done in daily life. Especially during the pandemic situation of COVID-19 the technology has helped the business and the education and also on a general basis it should be updated for the society and world.

The use of technology that has been showcased in this paper has solemnly given a broader view about how the real estate industry is getting its advantages in a most profitable manner. The points that are being discussed are very clear about the acceptance of technology by the real estate industry in recent times.

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