How to design business website for Your company in 5 steps?

In every design of internet website there are some crucial things that have to be included in project. Implementation of this elements allow You to improve website visibility and position in internet browsers.

1. Create RWD website.

Start from choosing RWD template for Your business. Thanks to this You will be much more visible and easy to find than Your competitors. As it was mentioned at previous text that kind of website adjust to computer devices and is easier to advertise. Do not force clients to adjust resolution and scroll the screen. Right now being mobile is an absolute standard (about 44% of internet users works on mobile devices).

2. Opitmize Your code (SEO).

As soon as You will install the website optimize it to improve Your websites visibility. Thanks to smart tactics and link building strategy You can easy became popular in local neighbourhood. Optimize keywords, meta-titles, and structural code. Search engine optimalization is not difficult but it requires much time, so for business owners it is affordable to delegate this activity to interactive agencies and software houses.

Do not choose popular keywords. Choose only this connected with company and Your niche. If you work at service company connect keywords with most popular client problems and create special sites connected with it. Install Your website at popular business directories and internet browsers.

Remember that building great and effective website is not a popularity contest. Treat online marketing as an investment. Calculate every money that You spent on advertisment.

3.Use content marketing, social media and blogging.

Try to create valuable articles about most common issues connected with Your branch that solve problems of your client. Remember to create valuable, practical and interesting contents that will be useful for Your company clients. Prepare at least 3 articles which may be popular among clients. Most popular topics are: events, business updates in branch, new law regulations, most common problems.

What is more important: write as a business partner not a seller. That marketing strategy need patience but is really effective in long term business. Build Your person as an authority. In that element You can write most useful texts and handbooks (this is not important after couple of years in every branch). Definitely add social media buttons to allow users to share the content.

Then connect it with social media channel and promote. Companies that have developed social media channels have more loyal clients and are percieved as more trustworthy than competitors.

4. Install analytics panel and ideal client.

Install analytics software that help You understand behavior of Your clients. Thanks to that software it is possible to track clients activity and most popular source of internet traffic.
Analytics software allow to be focus on most effective marketing channels. You can see for example which sites are most valuable for Your business and which one are worth to promote online.

5. Be international.

In making business it is important to translate the content into foreign languages. Thanks to server side script You can adjut the content of website to language of users. Set up an account in business 2 business services to promote company service. It'a realy nice source of backlinks and free traffic.
Except normal coding we set up company profiles in Social Media services (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube). In that case our clients have an opportunity to build and maintain long term relation with clients.

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